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Pancreatic cancer begins in the pancreas tissues; it is formed with the cells and lethal. Usually, people, after getting diagnosed, have three years to 3.5 years to survive. Since it has no symptoms and can not be diagnosed earlier, it is only diagnosed within its advanced stages. If it is diagnosed at an early stage, it is indeed curable.

If you are overweight, consume alcohol, and smoke, you may be at risk of pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer may also travel through hereditary means. If someone in your family has it, you may be at risk.

Recent research has proven that oral health plays a significant part in the progression of pancreatic cells:

Oral Bacteria Can Lead To A Pancreatic Cancer

When your pancreas develops any changes with the DNA, you feel what is described as a tumor. The severity of cancer depends on the number of oral bacteria present within the pancreas.

Teeth Loss and Gum Disease Hit You Late But Hits You Hard

Losing your teeth at an early age has some downsides when you turn old. Recent research has proven that those who have suffered from tooth loss and gum disease are more prone to suffer from pancreatic cancer.

If there is a family history of pancreatic cancer, smoke, consume alcohol or red meat, then remain alert. There is medical research to prove that oral health plays an essential part in your wellbeing, so to stay away from any illness and diseases, remember to eat healthily and visit your dentist regularly.

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