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How to Care for Your Night Guard Instructions

To insert the appliance:

  • Brush your teeth, floss and rinse with mouthwash.
  • To soften the appliance, submerge it in hot tap water. This will make it easier to place the appliance on your teeth.
  • Use the forefinger and thumb of both hands to guide the appliance into place over your teeth.
  • Gently close your teeth together to insure the appliance is fully seated.

Removal of the appliance:

  • Use the forefinger and thumb of both hands to grasp the appliance.
  • Use equal pull on both sides of the appliance from your teeth.

Cleaning and storage of the appliance:

  • Brush the appliance under cold tap water with a soft brush and mild soap.
  • Place the appliance in the container provided by our office with water or Listerine.
  • Store safely from pets.

Contact our office:

  • If changes in your symptoms occur.
  • If changes in the appearance of your mouth, gums, or appliance
  • It takes 2 to 3 weeks for you to get comfortable with the appliance. If you need adjustments contact our office.
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