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Crown Feels Loose But Isn’t. What To Do?

You're brushing your teeth one morning when you suddenly notice something strange – your crown feels loose. You might start feeling anxious when you notice that your dental crown is not as secure as...

01st February, 2024

Effective Ways on How to Stop Clenching Jaw from Stress

In today's fast-paced world, stress has become an unwelcome and all-too-common companion in our daily lives. Unfortunately, stress doesn't just affect our mental state but can also manifest physically...


Tooth Decay Between Front Teeth: Causes and Treatment

Tooth decay between the front teeth, also known as interproximal cavities, is a common dental issue that can cause discomfort and affect your smile. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the caus...

01st December, 2023

Dental Bone Graft Healing Stages: Your Comprehensive Guide

Dental Bone Graft Healing Stages Dental bone grafting is a crucial procedure in the world of dentistry, often performed to restore or augment the bone structure in the jaw. Whether you're preparing f...

01st November, 2023

What Age Do Molars Come In? A Guide to Tooth Development

Tooth development is a fascinating journey that starts long before we can even see those pearly whites. Understanding the phases of this process is crucial, particularly when it comes to molars. These...

01st October, 2023

Hard Bump on Gums by Molar: Causes and Treatment Explained

Introduction When you experience a hard bump on your gums near a molar, it can be a cause for concern. Such an issue may arise for various reasons, ranging from minor irritations to more serious dent...

11th September, 2023

Why Do I Grind My Teeth In My Sleep?

Introduction Grinding teeth during sleep, also known as sleep bruxism, is a common dental issue many people experience. This involuntary clenching can have various causes and lead to potential dental...

01st September, 2023

Jaw Pain After Tooth Extraction: 4 Major Causes & Their Treatments

It is a common belief that tooth extraction can ease dental pain, no matter how scary the procedure may seem. But that isn’t always the case, especially if the tooth hurts too much or is constantly ...

30th June, 2023

No Pain, All Gain: Does Getting A Crown Hurt?

While most coronations are carried out in front of hoards of people and are widely celebrated, dental crowns are anything but. Not only are they fixed by your dentist, but they can also limit your day...

15th June, 2023

Help! Why Are My Teeth Breaking Into Pieces? | 5 Reasons Behind The Dispersion

We’ve all had nightmares where our teeth suddenly fell off, leaving us with a gummy smile. But what if that horrible dream turns into a reality? Although it isn’t as common, your teeth can end up ...

30th May, 2023
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