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How to Care for your Denture or Partial

Daily Cleaning

  • Before cleaning your denture or partial, remove them over a towel or a sink filled with water to prevent them from breaking if they fall and hit a hard surface.
  • Clean your partial or denture with warm water after each meal to remove food remains. Do not us hot water to avoid damaging the partial or denture. Hot water may cause shrinkage.
  • Use soft tooth brush or denture brush to clean them daily. They can be brushed with warm water, soap or denture paste.Do not use regular toothpaste. It can cause scratches in the acrylic.
  • To help remove light stains and loosen plaque buildup you may use cleaning tablets while denture is soaking in water.
  • Rinse thoroughly under warm water before re-inserting into mouth. For a fresh taste you may use mouthwash after rinsing.

Mouth and Gum Tissues Care

  • Always keep your partial or denture in water or denture solution when not wearing them . Failure to do so, will cause the acrylic to dry out over time and they may not fit well.
  • To avoid irritation, discomfort, and infection of the soft tissue beneath your denture remove your denture or partial from your mouth every night before going to bed. Use a soft tooth brush with warm water to clean the inside of your mouth, tongue, lips, cheeks, roof of the mouth and the ridges where the denture sits. Daily rinses of salt water can help keep your gums clean.
  • If you wear a partial, it is recommended that you use a separate soft toothbrush from your denture brush to clean your natural teeth.

Actions to Take When Mouth Becomes Irritated

  • If the denture or partial is putting too much pressure on a particular site it may cause irritation in certain areas. If you experience this, let your dentist know so they can make the proper adjustments to ease the compression.
  • Do not try to adjust the denture or partial yourself! You will most likely damage them.
  • You should remove your denture or partial and rinse your mouth with warm saltwater if you experience irritation.
  • The day of your visit with your dentist re-insert your denture or partial. This will allow the dentist to evaluate the sore areas of your mouth, and better ascertain which area of the denture/partial should be adjusted.
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