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Now that you have got your braces, you have started the journey to achieving a confident smile. During your treatment, you will have regular dental visits where your orthodontist will make adjustments per your treatment plan. But what more could you do to make the most out of your treatment?

Do Not Miss Your Dental Visits

When you visit your orthodontist, they will straighten your teeth, tighten your braces and monitor your progress to see how your treatment is going ahead. But they will not check for any oral problems. Hence you will have to visit your dentist to ensure your oral health problems are taken care of. Your dentist will check for signs of decay or any gum disease and treat the problem before it interferes with your braces treatment.

Have Your Teeth Cleaned Regularly

We all know that with brackets, wires, and bands in your mouth, it becomes challenging to clean your teeth and mouth properly. Hence there is an accumulation of plaque, stain, and tartar on your teeth. This can lead to several dental problems; therefore, your dentist will recommend you visit them for teeth cleaning session every three months.

You Will Not See Results With Poor Oral Hygiene

If you are teeth and gums healthy can lead to slowing down your treatment. If you do not take care of your oral hygiene, it can cause gum infection. When your gums are swollen, it can hinder the orthodontist’s ability to work on your mouth. And if the infection becomes severe, chances are you will have to stop your treatment by removing the brackets to treat the infection. And this can extensively prolong the treatment.

Listen To Your Orthodontist

Make sure you do not chew ice, candies, or any hard food items, as instructed by your orthodontist, because these food items can lead to bending or breaking your wires. And if your brackets or wires are broken, your teeth will not move. Also, make sure the elastics your orthodontist places in your mouth stay intact. You will require these to move your teeth in the right direction. If you remove them, this can lead to damaging your complete jawline and prolonging your treatment.

What does an orthodontist looks forward to is their patient having a beautiful and confident smile. If you have any questions about your braces treatment, you can always speak to our orthodontists at Smiles on Greatwood Dentistry. Call us at 281-937-7530 to schedule a consultation.

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