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Drinking water is healthy for our bodies. It’s the healthiest drink out there, which keeps our skin and other organs healthy. But did you know that water is beneficial for your oral health too? Below are some of the ways that water is good for your teeth!

Acts as a mouth cleaner

Drinking anything helps wash down your food, but drinks like juice, sports drinks, and soda only leave unwanted sugars behind on your teeth.

It strengthens teeth

The U.S. is one of the few countries that adds fluoride in its water. Fluoride in the water fights cavity and is one of the best things for your teeth. It is a natural element that mixes with tooth enamel in growing teeth that helps prevent tooth decay.

It keeps your mouth from being dry

A dry mouth contributes to tooth decay. That is because saliva is a great defense against tooth decay. Minerals in saliva like calcium and phosphate help your teeth fight against tooth decay. With a dry mouth, you produce less saliva, which will only help tooth decay. Drinking water helps prevent dry mouth and prevents tooth decay in return.

It is calorie-less!

You may think that it has nothing to do with oral health, but it does! Most other drinks contain tons of sugar, which is a major contributor to tooth decay. By drinking water, you are not adding any extra sugar to your meal. Moreover, it helps to lose weight, so it’s even more guilt-free!

Bad breath fighter

Drinking water helps fight against bad breath. Dry mouth causes “Morning breath,” and drinking water throughout the day helps with that. Water also washes away food particles and tooth decay, which can also contribute towards bad breath and keep bad breath from forming in the first place.

If you have any queries about how to help pair up other fluoride treatments with drinking water, don’t hesitate to call Smiles on Greatwood Dentistry at 281-937-7530.

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