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Overbite is a condition that has effects on the way you smile and the appearance of your mouth plus the mechanics of the jaw. Overbite occurs when the front teeth of the upper jaw unevenly fit and overlap the lower teeth. It is not as bad as it sounds, and most people have an overbite to some extent. But if you are unhappy with your smile and looking for a way to correct an overbite, Invisalign is one such way to do it.

Does Invisalign Help Correct Overbite? 

Invisalign treats a variety of dental issues, and research continues to find more of its benefits. If you are eligible for Invisalign, a unique set of plastic aligners will be created to fit your mouth. The aligners straighten and reposition the teeth, and you do not even have to change your diet and habits completely. Unlike other treatments, it follows a slow and gradual path, so patience is very important here. The time required will depend on the condition of your overbite.

For a successful treatment, you will have to wear aligners for at least twenty hours per day. However, you can remove them anytime you feel like. To avoid damage, it is good to remove them while chewing something crunchy or sipping your hot coffee. Or you might end up having another pair of Invisalign. For proper brushing and flossing and maintaining good oral hygiene, remove them without any second thought.

Once your teeth make a slight movement, your dentist will give you a new molded aligner to wear to address your specific conditions. One of the best things about them is that they are clear and hardly visible to naked eyes. This allows you to undergo treatment without worrying about your smile.

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