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Gingival/ Gum Grafting

Gingivitis and its advanced form, periodontitis, have a profound impact on the gum health. As gingivitis worsens, an increasing amount of bacteria and plaque accumulate, leading to the stretching of gums and the formation of large pockets. Consequently, the gums recede, resulting in an aesthetically displeasing appearance. Additionally, this recession exposes an abnormal amount of tooth structure.

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Gum grafting is a corrective procedure aimed at restoring the gums to a natural and healthy state. In this procedure, the receded gums are repaired by grafting soft gum tissue obtained from the roof of the mouth. The objective of the graft is to cover the exposed surfaces of the tooth and root with the transplanted oral tissue. By promoting the growth of new tissue, the graft facilitates the return of the gums to their original position around the teeth. This routine procedure involves minimal downtime and discomfort for the patient.

Case One: Free Gingival Graft Procedure
Case Two: Free Gingival Graft Procedure
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I am once again so happy with my experience. I now take not just my kids but my brother and sister as well. He is so patient and kind. All the co-workers and Dr make everything great. They really have drive and passion for their work and making us healthy in oral hygiene. I couldn't ask for a better team here. They have become like part of our family. Thank you guys for all the help and understanding you have done for my family!!!

~ Ellen
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