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Here’s Why Your Gums Bleed When Flossing & How You Can Treat It

If you’re new to flossing, you might be prone to bleeding gums. But why does that happen? Is it a common occurrence? Should your gums bleed every time you floss? The answer to all of these questions...

15th September, 2022

Why Does My Jaw Hurt? — 5 Common Causes Behind Jaw Pain

Have you ever found yourself wondering aloud, ‘Why does my jaw hurt?’, because if so, you just might have popped the biggest question of all time. According to studies, around 13 million adults in...

30th August, 2022

Jaw Feels Out of Place on One Side — Should You Be Worried?

Have you ever gone to take a big bite out of your sandwich, only to find that your jaw feels slightly out of place on one side? Or have you ever noticed your jaw clicking when you open your mouth? If ...

15th August, 2022

11 Easy Steps for How to Clean Dentures

Having good oral hygiene is a necessity. This is why, despite dentures not being real teeth, it is vital to ensure they stay clean and well taken care of. Brushing teeth, flossing, and using mouthw...

30th July, 2022

Why is there a white spot on my gums, and what does it mean?!

Did you just wake up to find a sudden white spot glaring against your gums? Well, don’t go on to worry just yet. There are many ways this can be perceived, but not all the reasons are as scary. Rang...

15th July, 2022

Jaw Clicking When Chewing — Why Does It Happen?

Jaw clicking when chewing might sound alarming, but it is not always a cause for concern. This clicking or popping occurs due to the temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMJ. It connects our jaw to...

30th June, 2022

Why Does My Tooth Hurt When I Bite Down?

Does your tooth hurt when you bite down? Tooth pain is always an unpleasant experience. But it is an even worse experience if it hurts while you are eating or indulging in daily activities. If you fee...

15th June, 2022

Can I Use Alum for Treating Canker Sores? Is There Any Other Remedy?

Canker sores or any other mouth sores and blisters can be frustrating. It hurdles your everyday routine and interferes while you try to eat or talk. Moreover, it brings intolerable pain and burning wi...

30th May, 2022

Five Possible Culprits Behind Your White Gums

Are your gums turning white? Oral issues are never-ending. Therefore, you must take good care of your oral health, or it can lead to complications. One of these complications includes pale gums. White...

15th May, 2022

What to Do About Coffee Stains on Your Teeth.

Tannins are highly responsible for leaving marks in your teeth, as they allow chromogens to stick to them. As a result, your teeth get stained. Do you know what has tannin in it? Coffee. Yes, to put i...

30th April, 2022

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