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4 Reasons You Have a Hole in Your Gums — What to Do?

When something is wrong with our oral health, it needs to be addressed immediately. So if you’ve noticed a hole in your gums, there’s a slight chance you might need gum disease treatment. But what...

15th January, 2023

Dental Cleaning Procedure: How Long Will it Take?

Part of good oral hygiene is to regularly visit a dentist for teeth cleaning. Doing so at least twice a year can help you avoid dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and more. Professional cl...

30th December, 2022

Root Canals — Do They Hurt?

Root canal is a pretty common procedure that helps eliminate discomfort. To do so, your endodontist removes a damaged or infected tooth pulp and cleans your canals to disinfect it. But do root canals ...

15th December, 2022

Is it Safe to Have a Dentist Pull Out an Infected Tooth?

Infections are known to be excruciating, and a tooth infection is no exception. That is to say, an infected tooth is extremely painful and can also cause a lot of discomfort. So much so that it might ...

30th November, 2022

6 Effective Ways to Stop Tooth Pain Fast

Tooth pain is as terrible as they come. They can make eating, sleeping, working – almost everything – difficult. You can visit a dentist for a dental examination. However, if you can't get emergen...

16th November, 2022

Tooth Extraction Aftercare — What To Keep In Mind!

Aftercare is a huge part of undergoing any treatment, especially health-related. Perhaps that is why, when it comes to dental health, dentists are ready to write you a list of instructions to follow, ...

15th November, 2022

Cavity vs Stain: How to Tell The Two Apart

Noticing a dark-colored spot on your tooth isn’t exactly fun. You start brushing away, trying to get it to come off. Is it a cavity, or is it a stain? This question plagues your mind, and you’re l...

30th September, 2022

Here’s Why Your Gums Bleed When Flossing & How You Can Treat It

If you’re new to flossing, you might be prone to bleeding gums. But why does that happen? Is it a common occurrence? Should your gums bleed every time you floss? The answer to all of these questions...

15th September, 2022

Why Does My Jaw Hurt? — 5 Common Causes Behind Jaw Pain

Have you ever found yourself wondering aloud, ‘Why does my jaw hurt?’, because if so, you just might have popped the biggest question of all time. According to studies, around 13 million adults in...

30th August, 2022

Jaw Feels Out of Place on One Side — Should You Be Worried?

Have you ever gone to take a big bite out of your sandwich, only to find that your jaw feels slightly out of place on one side? Or have you ever noticed your jaw clicking when you open your mouth? If ...

15th August, 2022

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