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Does your tooth hurt when you bite down? Tooth pain is always an unpleasant experience. But it is an even worse experience if it hurts while you are eating or indulging in daily activities. If you feel a twinge of pain whenever you bite down, this blog will list five reasons why it happens.

5 Reasons Why Tooth Hurts When You Bite Down

There are many causes that can lead to tooth pain when biting down. Understanding the underlying reason behind the discomfort while chewing is essential for more effective treatment and preservation. These reasons encompass various issues such as cavities, dental abscesses, cracks, as well as the need for bite adjustment in a crown or filling.

1. Dental Crown or Filling Need Bite Adjustment
The way teeth bite together is described by the word ‘occlusion’. Your teeth need to occlude correctly; otherwise, you’ll feel discomfort while biting. When a dental filling, crown, or a tooth is not at a level with the other teeth, it may cause a painful sensation upon biting down. Moreover, neighboring teeth might also feel discomfort due to the pressure. Thus, your tooth might hurt when you bite after a filling. Your dentist can fix an unevenly distributed bite pressure, so make sure to contact them.

2. Large or Deep Cavity
Cavities can cause tooth sensitivity and pain in reaction to certain foods. Sugary foods and beverages, sodas, and even coffee can cause toothache when you eat or drink. Moreover, food particles can get stuck in large cavities, causing pressure and sharp pain. To prevent these pain flare-ups, visit your dentist for treatment.

3. Cracked Tooth

You may observe that a tooth is causing pain when you bite, even though there are no visible signs of a cavity or dental treatment. This pain could be due to a hidden crack in the tooth, which can be difficult to detect. Usually, the presence of a crack becomes apparent when you experience tooth pain while biting down. If you feel discomfort in your tooth after eating, carefully examine the area to pinpoint the source of the pain. For the detection and treatment of a cracked tooth, it is essential to consult a dental specialist.

4. Dental Abscess
If your complaint is ‘my tooth hurts when I put pressure on it’, another cause can be a dental abscess. It is a swelling or cyst that forms inside the bone at the tip of the root or other areas, putting pressure on it. Generally, abscess drains and swells, but you should visit your dentist to get a treatment before it worsens. In most cases, a root canal is required.

5. Congestion or Nasal/ Sinus Pressure
Your sinuses are close to your teeth’s roots. Hence, tooth pain does not always indicate dental problems; it could be that your sinuses are inflamed. If your back tooth hurts with pressure, it could be congestion, as molars and premolars are susceptible to discomfort due to sinus pressure. Hence, your tooth might hurt when you bite down due to reasons that are not actually tooth-related.

Visit A Dentist

Neglecting health issues, including dental problems, is not advisable. If you experience tooth pain while biting down, it’s essential to seek immediate attention from your dentist. At Smiles On Greatwood, our experts are ready to assist you in resolving all your dental concerns. Simply give us a call at 281-937-7530, and we’ll be glad to help.

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