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Many patients think that after they have received a dental crown, and the restoration is complete, that tooth will never create any issue. If patients experience toothache under a crown, they think it is nothing serious. However, this is not a very good thing to do. Many problems can happen underneath the dental crown, and as long as there is a living tooth root and/or a stub that the dental crown is mounted on, it may need dental treatment.

What it means

There can be two reasons for a toothache. Either the dental crown is damaging the tooth stub that it’s on, or there is an infection in the tooth, or it is undergoing a tooth decay in some form. Both conditions can have adverse effects on your oral health and require immediate dental attention.

The first scenario is somehow good news in which the dental crown is pushing down on the tooth stub. This requires the removal and replacement of the dental crown.

Tooth decay underneath the dental crown

The problem becomes a little more complicated if there is an infection or tooth decay underneath the dental crown. You may need to undergo a root canal treatment and also have a new dental crown. The scenario becomes worst when the tooth stub is beyond saving and must be extracted. Here a dental implant needs to be put in place or a dental crown that is held in place by the tooth next to it.

These infections can spread and affect your jawbone and can even cause an abscess to form underneath the crown. Therefore you should never ignore situations like these as they can lead to greater problems in the future.

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