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Teeth Grinding: Explained

Is your little one teething? Different symptoms often accompany it, like swollen gums, drooling, etc. While they become used to them– your baby might start grinding their teeth. Teeth gnashing is also common among teenagers and older kids.

This phenomenon is sometimes called bruxism. You might hear your child gnashing their teeth together at night, but worry not! There are a lot of reasons that your kid may be doing this. We will list them down!

Reasons Behind Baby Grinding Teeth:

For a baby grinding teeth may be a result of different factors, including:

1. Exploration

If a baby is grinding their teeth, it may be because of exploration. They might be doing so to get comfortable with having teeth in their mouth, which is new for them. This is observed around 8-10 months. The sound, the click, and the feel of teeth– they are checking it out.

2. Pain relief

Growing teeth come with pain in the ear as well. Therefore, your baby might be grinding teeth to alleviate the aching in other areas.

3. Sore gums

Children of around 3-4 months gnash teeth together because they are soothing their sore gums. Since the first teeth cut through gums during that time, babies start rubbing it to ease them.

4. Poor Oral Hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial for everyone from a young age. If your child does not brush their teeth properly, or at all, they risk developing gum inflammation. As a result, teeth grinding takes place.

5. Stress

Anxiety and stress also cause teeth grinding in children, whether teenagers or older infants. Emotional stress could be due to anything – fights with family members, changing schools or houses, weaning, etc., can trigger bruxism.

6. Misaligned Jaw or Teeth

Permanent teeth growing and milk teeth erupting can also lead to older kids or baby grinding teeth. Teeth might be loose or misaligned when the jaw is closed. Finding a suitable position for the jaw can end up in gnashing. So improper alignment of the jaw or teeth also becomes a factor in this habit.

7. Health Concerns

Some health concerns also develop the grinding of teeth in kids. Which includes:

  • Stomach acid reflux
  • Brain Injury
  • Brain Disorders (Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, etc.)
  • Enlarged Tonsils.

In short,

Grinding teeth or an excessive level of it– bruxism can be risky. On that account, if you notice your child doing so, it might be due to the above-mentioned reasons. Other reasons like antidepressants, mouth breathing, and snoring are also responsible for it. But it can be stopped. For instance, getting your teething baby a teether can help ease their pain. In case of stress, talking to them might help– or getting them professional help if needed.

Don’t panic if you hear teeth grinding noises, notice swollen cheeks, complaints of pain in the ear or other areas, or shortened teeth. Just get your child the care they need! Contact Smiles On Great Woods Dentistry at +1 281-937-7530 for any dental help or advice you may need.

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