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Root Canal (Endodontics) Sugar Land TX


Root canal treatment

This is an important service we offer at the Sugar Land Texas at Smiles on Greatwood Dentistry. It is a straightforward treatment procedure done by our specialist (Endodontist) to help relieve your dental pain and save your teeth. You are likely to need this service when there is an inflammation or infection in the roots of your tooth. Several teeth are treated and save each year with this type of service. This is meant to relieve the pain and save a patients smile. Root canal treatment is a type of endodontic treatment. This procedure involves the removal of the damaged part or area of the tooth which is usually the pulp, cleaning and disinfecting it the area cleaned. Afterwards, the filling and sealing up of the area is then done.


The main problem is always associated with the issue with the pulp especially when it became infected with bacteria caused by the following;

  • In case of a cracked tooth,
  • When there is a deep cavity that needs to be restored,
  • Repeated dental treatment to the tooth
  • Trauma.


This is the four-step process that could be performed by two dental visits. Those steps involve;

  • Application of local anesthesia so as to numb the tooth. This is done to ensure that the patient feels no pain why the process is taking place.
  • Drilling of the tooth is performed by the dentist so as to create the required access for the tooth to be treated. This is to open up the tooth. Then the small files are then used to clear away the damaged and diseased pulp from inside the tooth. Afterward, the file is then also used to properly sharpened the inner chamber while the water is alternately used to irrigate the canal during the procedure. At this stage of the cleaning procedure, the antimicrobial solutions are also used to irrigate the canal so as to kill the bacteria remaining in the canal.
  • Once the root canal is properly cleaned, it is then dried with paper points and then filled with gutta-percha. The access is then closed up with the temporary fillings. This is done to protect the tooth while the permanent filling and crown is planned for.
  • After a period, which is usually about a few weeks, the dentist will then complete the procedure by placing the permanent crown depending on the type of restoration being planned for.

After the root canal treatment

You will have to ensure you take good care of the teeth and gums after the procedure. There is usually a need to schedule another visit with the dentist after completion of the procedure to ensure there is no failure of the restoration. This is achieved by taking an x-ray to know the state of the restoration.

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