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PHOCAL THERAPY Houston & Sugar Land Texas

PhoCal; getting it right?

The dark spot or wider broken part of your tooth can be frustrating and expensive to get back to normal shape especially when you are plagued with problems of interproximal tooth decay. Revolutions in dentistry have aided the production of small fluoride disks that are uniquely designed to tackle problems like this. You always feel pleased with your tooth appearance when you are confident of your smile. Interproximal caries that could also affect the front tooth can be disheartening when it gets worsen.  Phocal pHn disk is one of the patented Phocal fluoride disk created to provide another form of fluoride therapy that is aimed at addressing early interproximal carious lesions or decay up to the microscopic level to prevent the progress. A new therapy that gives the oral health professionals an added merit in terms of managing incipient interproximal tooth decay with an effective alternative.


What is PhoCal therapy all about?

An application of Phocal disks to those difficult interproximal sites noted to be affected by incipient caries. This is aimed to provide the patient with the fluoride delivery of low but concentrated dosage in an effective mode directly to the interproximal site within 10 minutes of applications. It also serves as a nanoscopic pH sensitive fluoride reservoirs that will always be useful when there is a need. It remains active for about 3 months at the interproximal surface enamel when inserted.

Phocal Therapy

How do PhoCal disks look like and what it contains?

It is produced in two major forms which are the; pink acidulated phosphate fluoride Apf disks and

Yellow non-acidic sodium fluoride pHn disks. A biodegrading disk which contains 1.02% fluoride ions, expand into a soft gel and start releasing fluoride within 10 minutes of application.

Phocal Apf disk contains 0.1135mg sodium fluoride. This ensures an optimized low pH environment which helps in to clean and etches the tooth surfaces which is important to the fluoride penetration and remineralization stimulation.

Phocal pHn disk also contains 0.1135mg sodium fluoride but less acidic compared to the Apf. Does not etch ceramic crowns or any tooth-colored restorations but help induce the fluoridation and remineralization.

PhoCal disks


This is a topical fluoride delivery vehicles applied to
  • fluoridate the interproximal tooth surfaces with the action of preventive measures on intact surfaces,
  • stop progression on surfaces with incipient carious lesions and
  • Enhance the mineralization.
  • It could also be beneficial to those regions with restorations at the margin and furcation.
It is a well-designed alternative therapy for interproximal sites which oral professionals needs to incorporate into the type of topical fluoride for managing fluoride issues and reducing incidence of interproximal carious lesions.
Benefits of Phocal Therapy


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What Our Patients Say

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Trying Phocal Therapy for the first time, and so far, I am pleased with the process. I love that Dr. Jafferally and his staff are willing to try more conservative treatment options first. Will follow up in 3 months to see how well the therapy has worked.

~ Kimberly

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