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Periodontal Splinting Sugar Land, TX

periodontal splinting

Loose teeth can be quite discomforting, particularly when attempting to eat or chew gum. The sensation of the tooth detaching from the gum can send shivers down your spine, making the waiting period for it to either become loose enough for extraction or strong enough to stop causing trouble seem endless.

Various factors can lead to teeth becoming loose, such as lost gum tissue, injury, orthodontic treatment, or tooth misalignment. Thankfully, a revolutionary technique called periodontal splinting now exists, which involves bonding weak teeth together, creating a cohesive and robust unit that surpasses the individual teeth’s strength. This procedure is commonly performed on the front teeth and is as simple as using composite material to attach or splint the loose teeth to neighboring stable teeth. Due to its remarkable effectiveness, tooth splinting has become a popular and widely-used procedure. If you are in need of more information, give our experienced dentist in Sugar Land, Texas today!

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Once I walked into the office I was promptly greeted. The facility is state of the art. The staff is amazing, friendly, and very professional. Dr. Jafferally was very informative and with an excellent chairside manner. I highly recommend SMILES ON GREATWOOD DENTISTRY to anyone looking for a dentist or looking to change from their current provider.

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