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Night Guards Sugar Land TX

Night Guards Sugar Land TX

Nightguards in Sugar Land

We give you custom-made nightguard in Sugar Land Texas at Smiles on Greatwood Dentistry.

A nightguard is a device that is placed on top of your teeth to help with grinding and clenching. It is usually made of plastic and can be placed over the upper or lower teeth.

Grinding your teeth mostly while sleeping is called bruxism in medical terms. It wears your teeth, and can destroy your tooth enamel causing a chip or crack in your teeth. A destroyed enamel cannot be replaced. Damaged teeth can be very uncomfortable.

Note that Nightguards won’t stop you from clenching or grinding your teeth, but they serve as protection so that you don’t wear down your teeth.


If you grind your teeth or clench your jaws at night, you should consider getting a nightguard to protect your teeth. Nightguards will keep your teeth in place and are comfortable. You’ll be able to breathe and speak normally. The nightguard will help you get better sleep at night, keep you free from morning headaches and jaw aches. It stops you from damaging your teeth and causing dental problems.


You can get your custom-made Nightguards in our Dentistry. Our Nightguards offer the best protection that is specific to your needs and concerns.

Nightguards will be professionally fitted and crafted by our dentist to address your specific dental needs. The guards are made using a mold of your teeth which will be taken by our dentist. This mold is then sent to the laboratory where the guards are made. The mouth guards will be made out of hard durable plastic and will be fitted on either the top or bottom row of teeth, depending on which is most comfortable for you.


Our custom-made nightguards can last for a very long time. You could wear your nightguard while eating and drinking but it’s best to remove it if you want to keep it clean. The nightguard is meant to be worn mainly at night while you sleep since that is when the clenching and grinding occurs.

You can call us today on (281) 937 7530 for more information on this amazing dental solution. Our Dentist in Sugar Land has over eighteen years of experience and our staff is always friendly. We do our best to work with your schedule and accept most insurances. To learn more see our video by clicking here.
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