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Waking up to find a sudden black spot on your gums can be terrifying. It’s not like black is the most welcoming of colors. Plus, given its link to cavities, most people often fear the worst. But rather than spiraling down that route, why not give this blog a quick read? It might help you figure out the reason behind the ominous spot and prepare you for the next step.

What Causes A Black Spot On Gums?

There are numerous reasons why there may be a black spot on your gums. Whether it appeared out of the blue or you slowly watched it develop, it’s best to let your dentist know.

Even the slightest change to your oral health, especially your gums, should be looked into to prevent further complications. Nonetheless, here are some of the most common causes behind the dark splotch:

Dental Bruising

Believe it or not, your gums can also get bruised. Be it by eating something pointy or brushing too hard; gums are susceptible to damage. Although when these bruises form, they appear in different shades. Some bruises may be a deep red or purple, whereas an old or serious bruise might be brown or black.

Oral Melanoacanthoma

Classified as a rare condition, oral melanoacanthoma is a condition that leads to black spots appearing all over your mouth. However, as daunting as it sounds, this condition is completely harmless, and the effects tend to go away on their own without any treatment.

Amalgam Spot

Commonly found near a cavity-filled tooth, an amalgam spot is pretty harmless. These black spots are nothing more than an abundance of excess product. The amalgam from the filling can sometimes bleed out and stain the soft tissues of your gums, causing a black spot to appear.

Melanotic Macule

A direct result of hyperpigmentation, melanotic macule is simply too much melanin pouring out of your skin. It’s a condition that causes freckles to appear on your lips, gums, cheeks, and other areas inside your mouth.

Blue Nevus

Most commonly found in women and children, blue nevus is a non-cancerous mole that pops up on your gums. It can either be raised or flat, but overall the dark mole is harmless.

Eruption Hematoma

Usually, when a tooth is about to erupt, it can lead to a pus-filled pocket forming on the gums nearby. In some cases, this pocket can also have blood mixed in with the pus. It’s because of the blood present in it that the cyst – known as an eruption hematoma – appears as a black spot.

Oral Cancer

A black spot on your gums, followed by swelling, open sores, and random bleeding, can be a sign of something severe, such as oral cancer. Although this isn’t always the case, if there is pain associated with the dark spot, it is best to let your dentist know immediately.

The Next Step

It’s not uncommon to find a black spot on your gums. Even though it’s a harmless occurrence in most cases, it’s still better to have it checked out by your dentist. With professional confirmation and diagnosis, you can get the peace of mind you deserve.

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