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We all know how important it is to brush your teeth twice a day and for at least two minutes every time because brushing is the primary way to clean your teeth and gums and ensure there is no build-up of cavities and tartar. Remember that leftover food particles are harmful to your oral health; hence cleaning them is the best to keep them in place for a long period. But if you think about how long to wait to eat after brushing your teeth, you mustn’t eat immediately. Wait for at least fifteen to twenty minutes after brushing your teeth because eating earlier can damage the enamel of your teeth.

Is Orange Juice Harmful After Brushing Teeth?

Orange juice is full of vitamin C as well as citric acid. When the vitamins are good, the acid is extremely harmful to your teeth. When you brush, your enamel weakens, and it takes time to become strong again. During this time, if you crave a sip of orange juice; try to avoid it to the best possible, and your teeth are going to thank you.

If you do not have the patients, remember that the moment orange juice comes in contact with the weak enamel, the acid will slip into the pores of the enamel and go wild on your teeth. This is damaging to your teeth and your gums, and the roots.

So Why Is Eating Harmful After Brushing Teeth?

In general, wait for twenty to thirty minutes before eating anything after you have finished brushing your teeth. That is because the enamel gets weak when brushing, and chewing anything hard can harm the teeth and enamel; hence it’s good to wait. Now, if you know that you are going to eat something, it’s best to avoid brushing before or schedule brushing so there is a time between brushing and eating. To keep your mouth and teeth healthy, you must brush after eating to clean your mouth and remove the leftover food particles.

So What Should You Do Next?

So the next time you are planning to brush your teeth; make sure there is time in between brushing and eating. The base rule is to wait for thirty minutes, so the enamels are back to is full strength to chew the food properly and keep themselves safe. To learn more about how long to wait to eat after brushing teeth; visit our specialists at Smiles On Greatwood Dentistry for assistance. Call us now at 281-937-7530 to book your appointment.

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