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After the removal of your wisdom teeth, it’s very important to rest for a healthy and speedy recovery. To get the maximum out of your recovery time, you should prepare in advance so you can spend most of your time in bed. If you plan everything before your wisdom tooth extraction, you’ll stay away from house chores and enjoy your time. One of the most common question patients ask before going for surgery is, “How long after wisdom teeth removal can I drink my coffee, or soda, or alcohol?”. This article will explain the guidelines about the beverages that you like and want to drink after your extraction. With this preparation, you’ll know what you need to do and have before going to your dentist.

A common point for every drink after tooth removal surgery is to avoid straw. For successful recovery of the tooth socket after wisdom teeth removal, the formation of a blood clot is essential. If you suck on a straw to enjoy your favorite drink, it can disturb the blood clot and prolong your healing time. If the blood clot is dislodged badly, it can also give you an extremely painful condition called dry socket. Whatever you drink, please avoid using a straw after your wisdom tooth extraction.

How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Drink Coffee?

You may be waiting during the whole surgery just to drink your cup of favorite coffee, but you shouldn’t. After your wisdom tooth extraction, you should avoid consuming hot coffee, tea, and other hot drinks for 24-48 hours. The heat from these liquids can irritate the surgery site and damage the healing process. Instead, go for a cold coffee or ice tea. When drinking cold liquids, please avoid using a straw as it’s terrible for your recovery.

How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Until I Can Drink Soda(Carbonated Drinks)?

Who doesn’t like to drink a soda, especially when feeling low! According to most dental experts, you should wait for, say, at least 48 hours to drink soda after the removal of your wisdom teeth. Soda drinks have carbonated bubbles that can disturb the blood clot that is essential for the healing of your surgery site. This, in return, can make your recovery time lengthy and agonizing.

Can You Drink Alcohol After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

After having your wisdom teeth extracted, it’s best to wait for 48-72 hours before drinking alcohol, beer, or wine. But the time period as to when it’s safe to drink alcohol also depends on the prescription pain relievers you’re taking. When combined with pain medication, alcohol can be very harmful, leading to liver failure and other severe health conditions. Listen to what your dentist says and follow the instructions. To stay away from troubles, avoid drinking alcohol until you’re done with your pain relievers.

How Long After Wisdom Tooth Extraction Can You Have Acidic Drinks?

Drinks that contain high amounts of citric acid are not the best liquids to drink when healing from wisdom teeth removal surgery. Lemonade or orange juice can upset the surgery area and increase the chances of infection development. Avoid acidic drinks for around 7-10 days until the surgery site heals.

Following these preventative measures will promise a healthy recovery. If you’re wondering, the best drink after a wisdom tooth extraction is none other than your H2O friend – water! The more rigorously you follow these measures, the faster you can return to your favorite drinks.

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