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If you are suffering from extreme yellowish teeth, broken teeth, spaced and misalignment in your teeth, then Veneers are the best solution that will help you achieve the best-looking smile.

But if you have any oral health issues or slight discoloration of teeth, your dentist will suggest you first proceed with treating the problem and then proceed with Veneers treatment.

How Does The Procedure Begin?

Your dentist will most probably begin with having you undergo several different tests and examinations. This is important for him/her to determine your condition and the health of your gums and teeth.

If the condition of your mouth is not suitable for Veneers, you may have to undergo the treatment to make your mouth ready for Veneers. Treatments could include anything such as:

  • fillings
  • root canal treatment
  • orthodontic treatments, etc.

During these sessions, your dentist will also take you through clarifying your doubts, expectations and explaining the complete procedure and outcome.

What Happens Next?

Once all the above is complete, now it’s time to fix your Veneers.

The first sitting may take around an hour. Once your examinations are complete, your dentist will use digital technology to show you how the outcome would look. This will help you have an understanding and also set your expectations right.

Once that stage is complete, your Veneers will not take more than two to three sessions. The first session would be to prepare your mouth, impressions, and restorations. The second session would be two three weeks later for testing and fitting.

Maintain Your Veneers

Once your Veneers are fixed in place, it is up to you to maintain them. Remember that Veneers are expensive; hence, it may not be an easy task to have them replaced; therefore, you may never have to have them replaced if you maintain them well.

Keep your mouth clean and practice good oral hygiene, and a regular visit to your hygienist are ways to ensure a long life for your Veneers.

To learn more about Veneers, visit Smiles on Greatwood Dentistry, and our doctors will take you through the complete process. Book an appointment by calling us at 281-937-7530.

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