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Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease)



What is this all about?

This to many is when they see blood coming from their gum. However, gum diseases are more than just bleeding we see. It is important for us to understand that gum problems don’t just start in a day. It is a gradual process that are related to different promoting factors that are usually unknown to many. There are different types of dental problems that can be related to the gum. The earliest and commonest of those diseases is “Gingivitis”. This is an infection affecting the soft tissues around the teeth.

This is mostly caused by the accumulation of what is called dental plaque. Information is vital to our sustainable health. When you are aware of the basic causes of the condition, the contributing factor for development, signs, and symptoms, you are sure to be on the safer side. Skipping of tooth brushing, flossing, smoking, drugs, and diabetes mellitus are some of those factors that promote development of the gingivitis.

Basic signs and symptoms of periodontal disease

When a patient is being diagnosed of gingivitis, there are some common signs and symptoms that are usually linked to it. Someone might need to start suspecting gingivitis when he or she notices signs and symptoms like; changes in gum color (especially from dark to light), swollen part, and easy bleeding especially while brushing. In some situation, bad breath is noticed. A patient might found this strange. The usual contributing factor that makes the situation worse is the lack of initial pain that are common with the condition.

What you need to do

When you noticed the common signs and symptoms, urgent professional help (counseling and cleaning) is needed to help you manage the situation and reverse the case. Affected individual will need to ensure daily brushing and flossing is adhered to. These are some of the most important dental habits that helps reverse this case and others.

The professional cleaning (Scaling and polishing) is essential to promote the quick reversal to normal state.

Take note

Bad breath which is known professionally as halitosis is somewhat embarrassing. It has been found by researchers that 85 percent of people with halitosis have it cause link to a dental condition. Gum disease is one major dental condition linked with this problem. You need to understand that the use of mouthwashes to cover up bad breath when a dental problem is present will only mask the odor and not cure it. Please remember to see your dentist for professional advice.

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Got all my needs sorted out, cleaned my teeth thoroughly. Even took the time to go back and get some tricky spots and built up plaque between some teeth. Thank you Smiles On Greatwood!

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