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Frenectomy Sugar Land TX


We offer Frenectomy in Sugar Land Texas at Smiles on Greatwood Dentistry. A labial frenulum is a tissue that connects the upper lip to the gums and lingual frenulum connects the lower lip to the gums. A frenulum that is short or thick, will cause problems in speech patterns and tooth misalignment. In infants, a shortened lingual frenulum will inhibit breastfeeding and affect speech. When the frenulum disrupts movement, growth and development, corrective action is necessary to resolve the issue.

A frenectomy is a minor surgical procedure that is performed in our office at Smiles on Greatwood. The Dentist at our office uses laser to remove the excess tissue and it takes less than 15 minutes. The advantage of using a laser results in minimal bleeding and does not require sutures. A laser also results in less postoperative discomfort and a shorter healing time.

Young children and infants are put under general anesthesia for the procedure. However, adults can get this procedure done under Local anesthesia. If you or your child need a frenectomy there is nothing to worry about. The procedure is simple and causes minimal discomfort.

On our website there is short video about frenectomy that will help educate the pros and cons of the procedure. Please take a look at the educational video.

Frenectomy Sugar Land TX
Frenectomy Sugar Land TX

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