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Are your gums turning white? Oral issues are never-ending. Therefore, you must take good care of your oral health, or it can lead to complications. One of these complications includes pale gums. White gums are an unhealthy gums color, as it often indicates an underlying cause. However, it can also be due to simple dental procedures like tooth whitening and extractions. Keep reading to go through the possible causes of pale-looking gums.

Why are my gums turning white?

There can be many reasons behind your gums turning white, including a severe medical condition. Therefore, if you notice your gums looking comparatively lighter than before, it is wise to consult your dentist.

1. Canker Sores

If you have a white or yellow spot on your gum surrounded by redness, it might be a canker sore. Canker sores are mouth lesions that usually appear on the insides of your cheeks, the bottom of your gums, and the area under your tongue. Remember that canker sores will not turn your entire gum line pale. Only the area with these open wounds will be lighter than the rest of your gum line. Thus, if your gums are turning white as a whole, canker sores may not be the reason.

2. Anemia

Your gums and skin can pale if your body does not have the required amount of oxygen. And for oxygen to flow through your body, red blood cells are needed. A lack of red blood cells means there is little oxygen flowing through your organs and tissues. As a result, your gums will start looking paler than is healthy. This condition is called anemia.

3. Gingivitis

Your gums can turn white due to bacterial infections, like gingivitis. Gingivitis can look like receding gums. Not only that, but it also causes pale gums. Therefore, if you suspect that you have gingivitis, visit your dentist if the following symptoms appear:

  1. Your gums start bleeding during brushing or
  2. Inflammation and redness in your gums.
  3. Teeth are becoming loose.

4. Teeth Whitening
Dental Procedures like teeth whitening and tooth extractions are also possible reasons. You might notice your gums turning white after teeth whitening. This is because the chemicals that your dentist uses in the procedure temporarily affect your gums, and they should return to their normal, healthy pink color after a few hours of the treatment. Similarly, you will notice other methods like whitening strips turning gums white. This is also because of the chemicals, which sometimes leave a slight burn on your gums.

5. Oral Cancer
For white gums, cancer is also a possible culprit. Although it is rare, a cause nonetheless. Oral cancer affects your gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth. Thus, if you see small, thin bumps that are red, white, or flesh-colored, it can signify oral cancer.

The Closing Word

Your gums can turn white for many reasons, ranging from canker sores and a mere reaction to dental procedures to more serious underlying conditions like oral cancer. Thus, if your gums turn white, it is better to consult your doctor immediately. You can also contact our skilled professionals at Smiles On Great Woods Dentistry by dialing +1 281-937-7530 for any dental help or advice you may need.

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