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Extraction Site Preservation Sugar Land TX


When a tooth is extracted, it is crucial to consider the subsequent treatment of the vacant space. Wisdom teeth, situated at the back of the mouth, typically heal naturally without any complications. However, if another tooth needs to be removed, proper arrangements should be made. Neglecting to address the extraction site can lead to degeneration and reshaping of the jaw bone during the healing process, causing teeth to shift. This, in turn, may result in issues with your bite and impact your speaking and chewing abilities.

If you intend to fill the gap with a dental implant, a strong jaw bone is necessary for successful implantation. On the other hand, if you opt for a dental bridge, it must be designed and placed before any teeth shifting occurs.

Your dentist is always receptive to discussing your preferences for the extraction site before removing a tooth. They can provide recommendations and devise a suitable treatment plan. It is essential to schedule follow-up appointments to ensure proper care for the extraction site.

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