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Imagine you just realized that you had lost a tooth. But it one which is not publicly visible to anyone when you speak. Does it get you thinking that you can skip having it replaced and no one would find out?

You indeed can, and you will start feeling normal after a couple of days, but remember that not replacing a missing tooth can lead to severe physical and mental problems. It may not sound straightforward, but replacing a tooth is easy and will be a good payoff in the long run.

Some Physical Consequences:

You might not realize this, but having a missing tooth can lead to several long-term issues. Having to replace a meeting tooth can lead to long-term problems inside and outside your mouth.

As time passes by, you will be facing a condition called malocclusion. This means that the teeth near the space will try moving and fill in the open space. This will lead to problems like overbite and crossbiting. This means you will suffer from continuous pain n the jaw, difficulty in chewing food, and severe tooth decay. Your dentist will have to ask you to wear braces or undergo surgery. And surgeries in such cases are more expensive than a single tooth replacement would be.

Some other issues you can face are. A missing tooth will lead to you not being able to chew your food correctly. Unchewed food will lead to digestive problems and malnutrition. Your missing tooth can also affect your jawline by damaging the bone around it, which will lead to sagging the area around the mouth.

Some Mental Consequences:

Along with physical effects, a missing tooth can also have several adverse mental effects. We’ve always watched in movies that the protagonist or the poor ones are shown a missing tooth. What this does is it is setting up a negative perception in society.

If you lose the tooth at a young age, you will have to live all your life without it, and if you lose it at the age of 50 or 60, it would be challenging for you to manage at that age.

You do not want to open yourself to any criticism and doubt yourself. You have the power to change your appearance, so why not use it.

How To Get Back Your Smile?

If you have a missing tooth or teeth and are looking to replace it, you can visit Smiles on Greatwood Dentistry. Our experienced dental team is available to assist you and help you get back the smile you have missed all this time. Call us now at 281-937-7530.

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