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Our mouth is the gateway to the body. So many body diseases passage way is the via the oral cavity. To stay healthy and prevent avoidable illnesses that are linked to this body entrance, it is essential to understand how this gateway can be effectively cleaned and managed. Different forms of bacteria have been found to be associated with different issues in the mouth such as development of cavities, plaque and calculus formation, gingivitis, and others. A good practice of maintaining proper oral hygiene will go a long way to help in preventing many illnesses.

Understanding basic mouth conditions

Plaque; when dentist talk about this, most people don’t understand but have noticed it in their mouth. It is the sticky bacteria material layer found on the teeth especially those areas far from the reach of toothbrush. Plaque which inhabits the bacteria allows them to produce irritant that could damage your gum. This will make the gum sensitive to touch, change color, and bleed easily. If those changes are not properly treated on time, this could damage the teeth which may make them loose and eventually lost.

What needs to be done?

Daily brushing

The best way to ensure plaque is removed or prevented from forming is by daily mouth brushing and cleaning between the day. This helps remove the plaque on the tooth surface. You have to do this by using brushes with soft bristles and antimicrobial toothpaste with fluoride to help protect the teeth from decay and make them stronger.

Dental flossing

The use of dental floss is another great method to prevent formation of plaque in the mouth. This floss allows the regions of the teeth that hand will not have access to clean easily. It will help to ensure all food materials that are hidden between the teeth structures are removed properly.

Professional cleaning

Scaling and polishing is a professional service offered by dental therapists. This dental service helps to ensure plaque and calculus in the mouth are removed professionally with ultrasonic scalers.

At Sugar Land Texas at Smiles on Greatwood Dentistry, we offer professional cleaning for you at a great price. We also ensure proper counselling on basic dental hygiene and issues are given.

You can call us today on (281) 937 7530 for more information. Our Dentist in Sugar Land has over eighteen years of experience and our staff is always friendly. We do our best to work with your schedule and accept most insurances.

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Dentist in Sugar Land
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 10 reviews
by Lidibeth Villasmil on Dentist in Sugar Land

Excelente servicio! Muy buena atención. 100% recomendado. La limpieza excelente y sin dolor... definitivamente hacen de ir al Odontologo un paso sencillo

by Shairoz Lakhani Maredia on Dentist in Sugar Land
Deep Cleaning

They are super friendly and helpful. My teeth and gums were really bothering me and they were able to make a same day appt. The staff is super friendly and they are very thorough with making sure I was aware of what is going on and keeping up with me for my future appts.

by Doug Baysinger on Dentist in Sugar Land
Great experience

First time here and thoroughly impressed. Great service. All staff was wonderful. Dr. Jafferally was very complete in his examination and explanations. Overall high marks.

by Gurhan Aydin on Dentist in Sugar Land
Amazing service

I’ve been coming to the dentistry the past 3 years and honestly they have the most friendliest and quickest service. Highly recommendZ

by Jennifer on Dentist in Sugar Land

I have been a patient a little over 2 years now and I love it here. The staff are all so nice and professional. When it comes to the visit I never have to wait to be seen. Dr is very honest about what needs to be done and the staff will let you know how much your procedure will be if you need anything additional to the cleaning. Definitely would recommend Smiles in Greatwood.

by Mira on Dentist in Sugar Land

Allie did my cleaning and she is amazing! The service was great!

by Destiny Oehlke on Dentist in Sugar Land

I loved my experience here! I was a new patient and I did a deep cleaning and a consultation with the periodontist. Dr. Jafferally was amazing he made me feel very comfortable and he had me laughing the entire time! They named it Smiles on Greatwood for a reason! I definelty recommend this place!

by Bob Ruzicka on Dentist in Sugar Land

Very friendly, thorough, professional. Easy to understand explanations. Very pleased.

by Griselda on Dentist in Sugar Land

Very efficient and they explain the procedures in terms you can understand. They are also friendly!

by K Edwards-Montgomery on Dentist in Sugar Land
Caring, Reasonable, Fair, Kind Experience

My daughter came for a deep cleaning, and fillings. The office staff were caring and attentive. The provider did not nickle and dime me for services. He actually looked to do the least invasive procedures first. I would recommend theit office. They also take Care Credit the only downside is they charge a mark up fee to use it. Honest Provider and a caring team. Dental visits can be a pain and financial strain, Smiles at Greatwood makes the process so much easier.