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Dental Crowns Sugar Land, Tx

Dental Crowns Sugar Land Tx

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a ‘cap’ or cover that your dentist can place on the teeth. This crown helps in restoration of the destroyed back to its normal shape, size and function. The main aim of placing a dental crown on tooth is to make the already weaken tooth become stronger and improve the aesthetics. This decision is made by the dentist after proper examination based on several indications. At Sugar Land Texas at Smiles on Greatwood Dentistry, we provide this type of services for our clients


  • A major reason why a dental crown is normally placed is because of a tooth filling that is larger than the remaining tooth part. The implication of this is that the tooth structure becomes weakened with inability to fully support the tooth fillings.
  • When there is a large damage caused by decay
  • When you have a discolored tooth or compromised aesthetics
  • Fractured part of the tooth
  • Root canal therapy; in cases where root canal treatment was done for you and the tooth is already weakened by the procedure, a crown might be needed in order to protect the tooth.
  • Bridges; in cases where a bridge is done to replace a missing tooth, the adjacent supporting tooth might need a crown to have the strength to support the bridge.


There are different types of dental crown. They are made from different materials which ranges from metal allows, ceramics, porcelain, composite resin, or combinations of those materials. The materials that are used to make crowns need to complement for the strength needed and the required aesthetic especially in terms of color which will resemble that of the natural teeth.


Placement of a crown

  • The first idea towards creating a good and fitted crown is for the dentist to examine and take wise decision on materials that will be the best for the patient. The location of the tooth, gum tissue position and patient’s preferences will surely be considered before the process starts.
  • There is preparation of tooth and it is done by removing the outer part of the tooth so as to have a proper fit for the crown. During this process, decay or fractures are corrected to have a smoothen part that crown will fit into.
  • There is also taking of impression of the teeth that will be used to create a model on which the crown will be made. Making of a temporary crown. This will be made for the patient before the permanent crown is made. The duration for the making of the permanent crown takes about 2 weeks.
  • The laboratory technician or the dentist then uses the model to make the crown.
  • Once the crown is ready, it placed and checked to confirm the fitness. If there is any need for adjustment, that will be done before the final cementation of the crown.

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Are you ready to give your teeth that attractive look you’ve always desired? Call us today on (281) 937 7530 for more information on this amazing dental solution. Our Dentist in Sugar Land has over eighteen years of experience and our staff is always friendly. We do our best to work with your schedule and accept most insurances. We also other services such as dental implants, teeth whitening, dentures and deep cleaning in Sugar Land.

What Our Patients Say

About Smiles on Greatwood Dentistry


I have been coming to Smiles on Greatwood for several years and the service is exceptional as it was the first day I came here. My crown fell out due to Gummies Vitamins (My mistake) and Dr Jafferally and his a wonderful team recemented the crown And I was good to go. Sharon even answered my after hours call and was schedule early the next day.

~ Roxanne Kambitsis
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