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Brushing the teeth twice a day is not enough. Teach your child how to brush appropriately. Supervise the children while they brush to make sure that they brush for at least two minutes and spit the toothpaste out. This is the most common way to keep cavities in children low.

Keeping your child away from sugar is vital to their oral health. A small exposure to sugar every once in a while is safe; but constant exposure to sugar and junk food is dangerous for the child. Sugar weakens the enamel layer upon the teeth. Without the enamel, the teeth become vulnerable to cavities that can eventually lead to tooth loss.

There is a lot of plaque buried in the parts between our teeth. Flossing every day helps you get rid of plaque that can lead to cavities. While the child is still small, it is the parent’s responsibility to floss their child’s teeth. A mistake while flossing could harm the gums severely. Once your child turns eight to nine years old, begin teaching them how to floss and supervise them while they floss.

Take your child for their first visit to the periodontist as soon as they get a year old. The periodontist will be able to inform you if the child is brushing their teeth appropriately and if further attention is required. The dentist will also be able to guide you on what steps you can take to protect your child’s oral health from a young age. You can also discuss with your dentist about getting your child a dental sealant to protect their teeth from cavities.

At Smiles on Greatwood Dentistry, we have expert periodontists to help ensure there are no cavities in your children’s mouths. If you haven’t booked your child’s first visit to the dentist, then call us now at 281-937-7530 to book your appointment.

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