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Bone Grafting Sugar Land TX

Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting in Sugar Land, Texas

We offer bone grafting at Smiles on Greatwood Dentistry. When teeth are lost, the bone that used to surround them begins to drop or “resorb.” Bone supporting teeth can also be lost when you have periodontal (gum) disease. If you lose enough teeth and bone, your facial features will change, giving you a more aged appearance. In some clinical situations, with bone grafting techniques, the bone that has been lost can be built up again. This can improve both your health and appearance by strengthening your jawbone structure, allowing more effective tooth replacement, and increasing support to your facial features.

Bone grafting is now a common surgical procedure that is normally done in a dental office. An incision is made in your gum to gain access to the bone, and then grafting material is added. Most often the grafting material is processed bone minerals around which your body will actually deposit new bone cells, also known as Osteoblast activity. Your body is constantly depositing new bone cells and removing old ones.

Most common question people ask: “where is the bone from” The grafting material can be harvested either from your own body, but very often it is bone from an animal or human donor that has been treated in a lab to make it sterile and safe. There are different forms of grafting material: powder, granules, or a gel that can be injected through a syringe. Studies have shown that the graft, which is generally covered by collage membrane for bone repair, will act as a scaffold onto which your body will build new bone.

Bone grafts can be used for many clinical situations. Most common reasons:
  • Preserving Teeth – Severe periodontal disease causes bone loss, teeth can become loose and at risk of being lost. In order, to preserve them, bone around them can be regenerated through grafting; this increases bone support and further promotes healthy condition.
  • Tooth Extractions – It is very common to deposit bone grafting material into a tooth socket after a tooth has been removed. Studies have shown that upon removing tooth from a socket, there is 1.5 – 2 mm of bone loss. In order, to preserve the bone height, it is imperative to place grafting material. By preserving the crestal bone, one can replace the missing tooth area with either an implant/bridge or a partial.
  • Dental Implants – Consist of a small titanium post embedded in the jawbone is attached to a dental crown, permanently replacing the missing tooth. Implants require good bone volume and density to achieve their excellent functionality and high success rates. If you have already experienced bone loss, a graft can help regenerate enough bone to place the implant successfully.

The procedure for placing a bone graft usually requires only local anesthesia. However, based on individuals, one can perform the same procedure under oral or IV sedation so patients are more comfortable with a relax state of mind. After the surgery you may experience some soreness or discomfort but this can usually be managed by anti-inflammatory medication and /or pain relievers, as well as ice therapy after the procedure. Any discomfort should only last a day or two. In the event pain continues, seek consult from the treating dentist. Then, over the next several months, your body will replace the graft with its own bone, reversing the decline in bone quantity you have experienced.

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