Our white fillings restoration

At Sugar Land Texas at Smiles on Greatwood Dentistry, we provide white filling services for our clients. We always ensure the best white filling material is put in place for you and make sure the procedure for completion of the treatment is done professionally for you with the required counselling. We want our client to have a confidence in their smile.

What are white fillings?

These are group of restorative materials that are used to give back the patients smile and needed aesthetics. They are the tooth coloured filling materials which are resin and glass mixtures. The decayed or broken tooth are restored with the materials. It is a restorative material that are used as alternative to the old amalgam fillings which contain mercury that is not good for the body or aesthetically poor when compared to white fillings. This type of fillings can also be used to change the colour or shape of a tooth. A single appointment does it all for a composite filling. This help reduces time stress that could associated with other types of restorative procedures.

Why do most people opt for white fillings?

There are so many advantages that made people in need of restoration opt for white fillings. One leading merits relates to the it good tooth colour match which makes it look to other people like nothing has happened on the restored tooth. The bonding between the restorative material and resistance to wear makes the filling last a longer time (usually more than 5 years). The current advancement in the strength feature of the materials make them withstand a longer time against wear. Most insurance companies also have white fillings covered in their plan especially relating to the front teeth.

Keep your filling healthy

It is very important to ensure your white filling is kept at their best look. It needs to be prepared against repairs. To achieve this, the oral state must be kept properly by brushing twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste using a soft bristled toothbrush. You also need to ensure you have a regular visit to the dentist for occasional evaluation and check-ups.

We are there

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