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Baby Bottle Syndrome

Baby bottle syndrome occurs when a baby’s teeth are severely blackened, decayed, or at the point of breaking off. Specifically, it is known as baby bottle tooth decay, or what most dentists know as early childhood caries (ECC). Usually, the upper front teeth are the most affected because of the syndrome; however, the condition can reach the posterior teeth with some severe cases.

What Causes Baby Bottle Syndrome?

This condition happens when sugar, honey, and other sweeteners are added to things your baby consumes. Why is that a problem? Well, bacteria in your baby’s mouth use that extra sugar as a way to cause decay! Unfortunately, children have weaker teeth than adults; thus, a simple decay can spread very fast in a child! Furthermore, the effects of tooth decay significantly increases at night, meaning babies that sleep with a pacifier or bottle are at a much greater risk of getting ECC. Sometimes, parents may dip their baby’s bottle or pacifier in honey or sweetened goods, causing the same possibility to occur.

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How Is Baby Bottle Syndrome Prevented?

In essence, baby battle syndrome is the same as tooth decay; thus, prevention is almost the same for both. The first most crucial thing you need to do is reduce the amount of sugar your child intakes. Additionally, you need to make sure your child brushes efficiently and adequately, at least twice a day! Many people think brushing isn’t essential until a child grows older; however, children’s teeth need to be brushed from as little as 6-7 months old. Of course, there are many cases where children still get ECC even after brushing and reducing sugar intake! At that point, it is necessary to visit your dentist so that they can guide you on the best thing to do to help protect your infant’s teeth!

If your child has baby bottle syndrome and needs help treating it, you have nothing to fear! Smiles On Great Wood is happy to help your child protect their teeth! To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us today at 281-937-7530.
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