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Tooth pain is as terrible as they come. They can make eating, sleeping, working – almost everything – difficult. You can visit a dentist for a dental examination. However, if you can’t get emergency dental care, continue reading to learn how to stop tooth pain fast.

Ways to Stop Tooth Pain Fast

To get rid of the tooth pain, you’ll need to know what’s causing it, as this will help tackle it accordingly. Your tooth could be hurting due to decay, fracture, infection, and more.

You can try these tips if you can’t immediately reach your dentist:

  1. Go for Cold Compress Compress the affected area using an ice pack or even a bag of frozen vegetables. Remember not to use the cold compress directly on your face; wrap it in a piece of cloth before pressing it against the aching tooth. Compress for 20 minutes, with intervals in between. This method could help you reduce swelling and pain. Try cold compresses throughout the day for effective results!
  2. Take an Anti-Inflammatory Medication You can reduce swelling and tooth pain fast by taking anti-inflammatory medications. Ask your dentist for recommendations; they might ask you to take your toothache medication every few hours. Continue taking them until the discomfort goes away.
  3. Try Saltwater Rinses Saltwater rinses are an effective tip on how to get rid of tooth pain fast. Hence, try swishing a mixture of salt and lukewarm water in your mouth for pain relief and cleaning infections. Furthermore, saltwater rinses also eliminate oral wounds and inflammation. There are many benefits to a saltwater gargle, but avoid swallowing it while rinsing.
  4. Pressing Peppermint Tea Bags You can get temporary pain relief by using peppermint tea bags to numb the affected area. It has numbing properties that work to reduce your discomfort. A peppermint tea bag can be used when it’s warm, and you can wait for it to cool. Apart from this, you can freeze the tea bag for some hours before you apply it.
  5. 5. Compressing with Hot Packs You can use hot packs as a warm compress to relieve tooth pain. The pain signals travel from your mouth to your brain, but hot packs interfere and reduce the discomfort. First, ensure that the compress is warm and safe for application on your skin. Next, using a cloth barrier, apply it to your skin for 10 to 15 minutes.
  6. Dabbing With Clove Oil People have used clove oil for treating tooth pain throughout history, as it contains eugenol. Eugenol helps sterilize oral wounds, numb oral pain, and minimize inflammation.You can also use clove oil to get rid of tooth pain fast. To use this remedy, dip a clean cotton ball into clove oil. After that, dab the cotton ball on the affected region. You can also dilute the clove oil with water if it seems too strong.

What to Do Next?

If you’re searching for tips on how to get rid of your unbearable tooth pain fast, there are many tips to reduce it at home. Our Smiles on Greatwood Dentistry team is always here to help; dial (281) 937-7530 to contact us now.

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