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Having good oral hygiene is a necessity. This is why, despite dentures not being real teeth, it is vital to ensure they stay clean and well taken care of.

Brushing teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash are common forms of cleaning your mouth. However, when it comes to dentures, things can get a little bit tricky.

But have no fear; we’ve got you covered! Below is a detailed, step-by-step guide for you on how to clean dentures and maintain their shelf life.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Dentures:

Step One: Set a Time

When cleaning your dentures, consistency is key. Set a specific time, preferably before bed and when done with eating, for your ease and comfort.

Step Two: Daily Cleansing

Make it a habit to clean every day. If neglected, you could risk getting an infection. Moreover, you could also permanently damage your dentures.

Step Three
: Prepare Your Cleaning Station

Before you get started, make sure the cleaning area is fully prepped. Carefully lay out towels near the sink and on the floor to be safe. You could also let your sink fill up with warm water so that if the dentures accidentally fall, they won’t get harmed.

Step Four: Gargle with Warm Water

Gargle with lukewarm water to help the dentures loosen their hold. Don’t use boiling water, or it could ruin the shape of your prosthodontics.

Step Five: Gently Pull out the Dentures

Once you feel the dentures free themselves from the adhesive, give them a wiggle before gently pulling the piece out. Use your forefinger and thumb for this method and push outwards. In addition, try to be extra careful, so your gums do not get harmed.

Step Six: Rinse with Water

While delicately handling the dentures, give them a good rinse. Make sure the running water washes away any remaining food particles that might be stuck.

Step Seven: Start Gently Brushing

Use a toothbrush that has extremely soft bristles. Since brushing dentures differs from regular teeth, you need to pay extra attention. One way is by opting for a special denture paste for cleaning. This will ensure that your dentures do not get scratched or ruined in the process.

Step Eight: Clean Away the Residue

Strong adhesives can sometimes find their way inside the tiniest of crevices. Brush along the grooves of your dentures so that if there’s any remaining adhesive gathered up, it can instantly get cleaned.

Step Nine: Soak The Dentures Overnight

When you’re done thoroughly cleaning your prosthodontics, soak them in a cleaning solution. You can also use water to keep your dentures in overnight. This helps to maintain their form and allows them to last longer.

Step Ten: Brush Your Mouth

Once the dentures are put away, take the time to clean your mouth as well. Be very gentle when brushing your gums, and don’t forget to clean the roof of your mouth. Brush with care and ensure nothing is sticking to your gums.

Step Eleven: Rinse Before Use

The next day, when you go on to use your dentures again, give them a thorough rinsing before inserting them into your mouth.


Keep in mind that there isn’t a particular way on how to clean dentures. You can use different methods, but safety comes above all, especially since dentures are beyond delicate. Taking care of your oral hygiene allows your prosthodontics to last longer and prevents any illnesses from festering. For more tips, visit Smiles on Greatwood or call us at 281-937-7530.

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